Jun 30 2012

Bob Mercier @ 7:43 pm

 Bob J. Mercier presents his


a.k.a. The D.I.E. System 

If you are asking HOW DO I GET THE D.I.E. SYSTEM?  The answer is: BUY THE D.I.E. BOOK – ON THIS WEBSITE –


Using these easy-to-master-tactics makes deer believe you are not a human or a threat. Instead every deer that encounters you believes you are a deer, and they want to find you, so they can identify you as a buck or a doe. When they cannot locate you, they send their king to find you. Deer Hunters who follow my direction (in my book) become hunted by kings, as the most dominant buck in the herd seeks them out!

We do not need luck. We have a unique set of rules that we choose to behave by,

and that sets us apart from ordinary deer hunters. 

We are D.I.E. HUNTERS! 

We are those who are HUNTED BY KINGS!

99% Success when you read my book and use as directed.

You will meet the biggest racked buck that walks the land you are hunting,

if you use the DOMINANCE IS EVERYTHING® Deer Hunting System.

I know what deer think, and I can teach it to you.


 $39.95 per/copy – Final Price

Price now includes shipping and handling and applicable sales tax.

Read Bob’s book, and use Bob J. Mercier’s tactics,

then all deer will believe you are a real buck or doe.

They never know a human is there!

Success is reported by 99.99% of those who have followed the rules.

BOB MERCIER—Whitetail Deer Behavior Specialist

Trophy Buck Hunting Consultant 

Since 2001

Logo Used on Trifold

D.I.E. HUNTERS  – We are “Those who are HUNTED BY KINGS”

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